With this large sponsoring campaign, the company would like to support the team sports clubs of the region. Why? Utz wants to express its appreciation, because the sports clubs achieve great things, especially in youth work. Consideration as to the form this support could take was relatively few. Within its range, Utz has a product already fervently used by sports clubs as teamwear cases. So Utz came to the natural conclusion to provide the clubs with a certain contingent of cases.

"The companies also profit from the clubs' work. Trainees with club experience bring in team spirit, strong communication skills and fitness. And they are usually more committed with a greater sense of responsibility", says Rüdiger Köhler, Managing Director. "On the other hand, Utz wants to increase its familiarity level among young people. The teamwear cases with the embossed link 'werde-einer-von-utz.de' (become one of us at Utz) should serve to awaken their curiosity in our company, because we also need qualified young talent, which is no longer so easy to find. After all, we are employing 15 new trainees every year", adds Köhler.


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